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By Stan Silliman

Jason Dufner wins the PGA… confirming my opinion that Jason Dufner may be the luckiest golfer in the… strike that… luckiest PERSON in the world.
I’m not saying Jason Dufner isn’t a good golfer or that he didn’t play well enough to win his first major.
He is and he did. But even if he didn’t win, this guy is endowed with loads of good fortune.
Do you doubt me? Have you seen his lower lip? Okay. Now, have you seen his wife? World class beauties like Amanda Dufner usually don’t hook up with guys possessing Dufner lower lips. I’m not saying Dufner isn’t a great guy, or a wonderful personality. I don’t know much about his personality but if his multitude of facial expressions is any indication, he doesn’t have one.  
All right, that’s kind of mean. But, let’s recap. Dufner was born in Cleveland, Ohio. How many tour golfers came from Cleveland? Don’t say Jack Nicklaus. Jack grew up in a suburb of Columbus and went to school down the road at Ohio State. Jason didn’t play a lot of golf when he was in Cleveland, some, yes. But he really took up the game when he was lucky enough, at age 14, to move with his mom to Florida. Then, he wasn’t a world beater but felt confident enough to walk-on at Auburn where he made the team and played championship golf.  
Jason Dufner may be the most un-athletic looking guy to ever win a major. Okay, I hear you shouting… words like “Mark Calcavecchia” and “Craig Stadler” and of course, “John Daly.” Guys, I meant in the last twenty years. Besides, I wouldn’t categorize John Daly, pudgy though he may be, as lucky. He hasn’t been lucky. We’ll never say that, but even at his advanced weight, Daly looks athletic. Dufner doesn’t.
Dufner has it all, a beautiful game, a beautiful wife, money and an enviable life, all this, despite a meme going viral showing him completely disinterested while during charity work in a Dallas grade school.  Dufner, on the floor, shown slouching against a wall while sitting on his hands became a pose so copied, it grew a life of its own. The pose, called “Dufnering” (look at the cartoon) became so popular it replaced “planking” and “Tebowing” as the pose-du-jour. If your blank-stare, wishing-you-were-anywhere-but picture goes viral and you overcome that, you are one lucky disinterested fellow.  
Are you buying all this now? Walking on at Auburn, making a team when he was given little chance, then using his disinterested blank stare while sticking out his jutting lower lip to convince Amanda Boyd to marry him, I’d say, yeah, one lucky disinterested fellow.
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Still not convinced? Consider this, in the second round Jason Dufner scored a two on the par four 395 yard second hole by hitting the ball twenty past the hole. If you’re a numbers freak, that’s a two in round two on hole two from twenty feet past the hole. I’ll repeat, twenty feet PAST the hole and with backspin it rolls into the cup? How excited was Dufner? I’ll tell you: he cracks a smile. People all around are fainting and pinching themselves and Dufner is thinking to himself “I got Amanda Boyd to marry me! Of course the ball will roll backwards into the cup.” I’m thinking, “Hey, Dufner, I’ve got my notepad ready, shout out the Powerball numbers to me, okay?”  
Okay, before the letters, we know he worked hard, toiled on the smaller tours, patterned his swing to almost duplicate Ben Hogan and has a dry sense of humor, even trash talks occasionally. He earned his keep. And that shot on Hole two, perfectly executed. Still, all in all, one lucky disinterested fellow.

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